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Memories of The Catskills: The Making of a Hotel

Author: Alvin L. Lesser

John Conway, Sullivan County Historian

234 pages, 6 x 9, Perfect bound

Line illustrations /
More than 110 b&w photographs

$16.50 trade paperback

$9.95 eBook

Publication date:
January 10, 2013

Published by:
GSL Galactic Publishing

Kate Bandos,
KSB Promotions

Distributed by: Ingram



Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Alvin L. Lesser is frequently asked.

1. While growing up, did you have any idea that you were a part of a time and place that would be remembered fondly by so many?

2. Did you ever get a say in what changes were made to Lesser Lodge?

3. While enjoying the entertainment at the various hotels, did you have any idea of how famous some of these comedians, singers and musicians would become?

4. Why did you work for a time at Grossinger’s? Was it to see how other hotels were run?

5. In your book you write about “handymen.“ Who were they and did you learn anything from them?

6. How did your loneliness as a very young person affect you when you reached manhood?

7. In your childhood you went to a one room schoolhouse in White Sulphur Springs. How did it differ from the schools you attended when you were older?

8. How did the fact you were the only Jew attending the one room schoolhouse affect you?

9. Jerry Lewis appeared many time at your parents’ hotel. How did that come about and what was he like?

10. How did the big depression affect your parents’ hotel?

11. As time passed, the number of people visiting the Borscht Belt declined. What caused the decline?